Past, Present and Future, or Goats and Monkeys

Wanda the GNOME Fish Independent contractor

George Lebl

jirka at 5z dot com

Crazy Czech Hacker

Eazel, Inc.

Maciej Stachowiak


Eazel, Inc.


1997 - Beginning of GNOME

199[78] - Maciej's and George's first flamewar

199[78] - RHAD Labs formed

1999 March - Yay! we have a release (1.0.0)

1999 October - Yay! we have a release (1.0.5x)

1999 October - Eazel, Inc incorporated

1999 October - Helix Code, Inc incorporated

1999 December - Freeze of 1.2

2000 March - GUADEC I in Paris

2000 May - Release of 1.2

2000 August - GNOME Foundation announced

GNOME Present

2001 January - George and Maciej make fools of themselves

GNOME Future

(estimated dates)

2001 February - GNOME 1.4 Beta

2001 March - GNOME 1.4

2001 March - GUADEC II in Copenhagen

2001 May - GNOME 1.4.1

200[12] ??? - GNOME 2.0

2035 August 7 - GNOME 42.1 (Jetpack GNOME)

GNOME Progress


First stable release


GNOME Midnight Commander


GTK+ 1.2

Enlightenment is the most popular GNOME WM

GNOME 1.0.55 (October GNOME)

First stable release (this time we mean it)

Many bugfixes

Features mostly the same as 1.0

GNOME 1.2 (Bongo Bongo GNOME)

Many bug fixes

Updated panel

Icons in task list


Reduced memory footprint

Better documentation

Better pager/task list applets

Many other usability tweaks

Sawmill is the most popular GNOME WM

Other things we forgot

GNOME 1.4 (code name still classified)

Nautilus replaces gmc

Sawfish included in release

grdb, to make old X apps match your theme

Non-broken gdm

xalf for application launch feedback

GNOME Extra Apps release (GNOME Plus Pack?)

medusa search and indexing system

Many new easter eggs

GNOME 1.4 continued

Many language bindings included (C++, Python, Guile)

gnome-vfs virtual filesystem added

Bonobo component model added

OAF - improved activation system

gnome-print added

GConf configuration framework

Will be perfect and bug free

GNOME 1.4.1

Will fix all the bugs in GNOME 1.4

May include Evolution


Hell if we know

New, improved development platform

Fully incompatible

Gtk 2.x

XRender support

Better i18n support with Pango

Imlib totally excorcised

Junk cleaned out of gnome-libs

gnome-vfs more widely used

GNOME 2.0 continued


New control center

?? ORBit 2 ??

?? Major Bonobo update ??

?? Mango ??

?? New file open dialog ??

Things we haven't thought of yet

GNOME Dictionary

GEGL - Genetically Engineered Goat, Large

HADJAHA! - Molesting a Moose in Swedish

menu.c - Don't look here

Freeze - Only add features you really like

Monkeys - Strange obscession of Miguel

Goats - Strange obscession of George

Broooooooooken - Any code not written by Federico

Eeevil - Any decision not made by Mathieu

Imlib cache - Advanced write only memory management technique

GNOME Styles of Coding

Miggiehack - Self explanatory

Soptimization - Sacrificing readability for 0.001% speed improvment

Raphcode - fg_r = bg_r + ((tmp + (tmp >> 8) + 0x80) >> 8);

Darination - Code review with a chainsaw

ratsercoed - restrcited bioolcigal ewapon

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